Da Nang is one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in Vietnam, with beautiful natural scenery along with attractive tourist attractions.

The highlight of this growing young city is the harmony between peaceful nature and modern life. Therefore, Da Nang always attracts the attention and love of domestic and foreign tourists.

Kay Hotel Danang 3-star international standard is located in an expensive location near Dragon Bridge - the typical symbol of Da Nang City, opposite Love Bridge - one of the favorite tourist attractions of Da Nang. every visitor.

Kay Hotel Danang includes 57 bedrooms with sophisticated and modern design and luxurious and complete facilities, quickly becoming an ideal destination for tourists and businessmen.

With a team of experienced staff, working in a professional style, Kay Hotel Danang always improves service quality to bring the highest satisfaction to customers. Merry Hotel wishes to contribute to creating a wonderful vacation or the most complete business trip for you in this beautiful Da Nang City.

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